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Todd Simon - Integrity Design :: WordPress, Joomla! - Web Developer, Online Marketing, SEO Marketing/Optimization, Social Media Strategist and Content Strategist in Grand Junction, CO.I have spent many years developing full featured web sites. I have done every step of the process, from the basic design in Photoshop, Illustrator or Fireworks to slicing the images to be integrated with a web page. I went through the Dreamweaver stage. I went through the Flash stage. The main tools I use these days are WordPress and Joomla!.

I have found that these tools allow me the ability to do very advanced websites as a one man show. These tools have great content management systems (CMS) that allows non-web developers the ability to maintain their own websites. The plug-ins for both WordPress and Joomla! are both great and really extend the websites.
I have updated my skills to build Responsive designs. This is done through CSS3 and also Bootstrap. This means that the website will resize to whatever browser or device that the end user is using. That means that the site is optimized for and iPhone, Kindle, iPad, Droid, all other tablets and desktop computers. This particular website is not a responsive design but all the new sites I do utilize this technology. My intention was to update this site to reflect what I am doing now without re-doing the whole site.

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