Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin

Simple Simon Live Chat WordPress Plugin

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Announcing my first WordPress Plugin: Simple Simon Live Chat. As a WordPress and Joomla! developer over many years, I have installed all sorts of Live Chat tools for my clients. I’m amazed at the cost of many of these tools for something that is basically an instant message service. I decided to put a Simple Live Chat Plugin together for the every day WordPress website or blog. If you have an online business or cart where you are in front of your computer most of the day, why not add another layer to your business by adding a Simple Live Chat? It’s a great way to respond to potential customers. Watch the conversion rates go through the ceiling!

Our Simple Live Chat Plugin is extremely easy to use, easy to configure, and easy to set up. Here are the basic features:

  • You can set the chat to Online or Offline — If you’re Offline, then visitors can send a message to you… If you’re Online, then they can chat live with you
  • You’ll hear a beep on your computer when someone starts chatting with you
  • You can change the color of the Live Chat skin to anything — very customizable
  • You can change the name of the Live Chat
  • Unlike other Live Chat Plugins where the only option is displaying the Chat Module in the bottom right corner, you can choose Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left or Bottom Right
  • You can chat live with anyone who’s thinking of buying your product so you’ll explode your conversion rate
  • You can even engage with blog readers to build a relationship if you want
  • You used to have to shell out a small fortune for chat software this powerful
  • You can either go get something like this created for around $800 or you can get it now for a tiny fraction of that

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