The Downward Spiral of many Business’s and how to Change it

Many business’s today are struggling. The sales model that worked 20 years ago, 10 years ago, and even a few years ago no longer apply to today’s competitive global market just like the days for the encyclopedia salesmen or the milk man no longer are relevant. The days of looking through the phone book to find a business no longer apply. With the advent of mobile phones and tablets, people are searching Google and Bing more then any other way.

Over Christmas this last winter, my wife and daughter went to the local mall for some last minute shopping. It was only a few days before Christmas and the mall was like a ghost town. There was nobody there. Normally it is so busy that you would not want to be within 10 miles of the mall. So where were all the shoppers? They are purchasing online – especially through Amazon. It’s so easy to purchase with Amazon and their one click shopping cart. Their stock is amazing and growing every day. They also have really good shipping procedures. People are searching online now more then ever before. Amazon’s business model is probably the most relevant out there. Many big business’s like Walmart are adapting to this business model.

I am writing this blog to address a few items: how can your business adapt to the new business model and if you are looking for work, how can you update your skills so that you can begin to prosper? I want to address both because the method that I have learned over the last year will totally change the way you do things. It’s beginning to change mine as well.

Over the last few years I have worked as a struggling web developer. I did an average job and the websites did average for the customer. My designs were really nice but they didn’t solve a need that the client was trying to address. I went to a bootcamp that was put on by Secret Millionaire Jeff Usner. It changed my thinking. Over the last year I have been learning business concepts and a modern sales model for business. I learned many different aspects to making a business successful and to develop a new set of skills that can bring wealth to your life.

A few months ago I had a dream that showed me an aspect about business. I live in Grand Junction, Colorado. We are high desert here. Most of the area in the valley is flat but there is one place with some hills. That place is called the ridges. It’s a small canyon with homes all around. I dreamed that I was driving up the ridges. I got toward the top and looked at all these houses on the ledges. They were being totally gutted. Off the back porches of these houses were large ramps that were steep going off the cliff. I kept hearing the phrase “Downward Spiral”. All the houses in this place were being gutted like this. I started driving down the ridges toward the main road. It got really steep. I was trying to stop but the weight of gravity was making it really difficult to stop. I barely was able to stop the car before I went into the main road and possibly get into a serious wreck. I know most people do not put much merit in their dreams because they do not understand them. I believe dreams are from God and are really important to understand. If you listen and act on them, you will get many warnings and direction so that you miss many difficult situations. The translation to the dream and the “Downward Spiral” is that many business’s are struggling as I described above. I saw that it greatly affected me as well. I saw that what I have been learning solves this problem for many people and many business’s. I felt compelled to begin to publicly write about this subject and to share what I have learned.

I previously made many mistakes in business and saw that I now have a new opportunity to begin to help the people around me. So I started a company called “The Leverage Company”. I am training many people in the areas that I have learned. I know it’s impossible for me to get all these different aspects done in a timely way so I want to “Leverage” this off on others so that we can work for a common goal. My intention is to explain this system to a company, define a high level path and get them to a place where they are successful. With some tweaks we can really make a business succeed.

I have inserted an InfoGraphic that explains this system from a high level. If you would like more information, please contact me. I will go into more detail later as to how you can get this system to work for you. Bright days are coming so be encouraged!

Todd Simon - Integrity Design :: Your Businesse's Success.


Daniel Ashurst 18-05-2013, 05:51

Hey brother,

I like what I read above. Would like to get together and see if there is something I can learn to build my business into the money making machine it is supposed to be.

Let’s connect.



Todd 18-05-2013, 20:19

Hey Daniel,

Great to hear from you. I can come by and explain these concepts to you one on one or you can come to our Leverage Group on Monday evenings. We start at 7:00 and go to 9:00. Let me know.



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