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Simple Simon ConsultingHello. I’m glad you stopped by! I put this website together to describe my skills. I am a WordPress Developer and Software Developer in Grand Junction, Colorado. I also do Online Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Marketing/Optimization, Social Media Strategy, Media Buying, Landing pages and Content Strategy.

I have a marketing background along with my graphics and web development abilities. I saw that I was doing a disservice to my clients by not embracing Online Marketing and SEO Marketing/Optimization so that the right people find their websites. So I went to a bootcamp to get better results for my clients and for myself. I have trained for around a year and have recently started to market these services to the public. I trained on how to research to find the best keywords that describe a customer’s company based off what people are searching for online. I learned how to develop a system that builds blogs, articles, press releases and videos off those keyword phrases. I also learned how to make sure that the website is optimized so it shows up in the top in Google and Bing/Yahoo search results based off those researched keyword phrases. I also learned how to buy strategic ads (media buying) in Google and Bing/Yahoo so the right people find my clients website and also to build a list. All these new tools compliment all my current skills.

Online Marketing

Online Marketing basically is defining an online path for a business to go down. The best system is to find a need (or needs) in your niche market that people are searching for and fill that need. This is to develop a strategy for the client by driving traffic through Media Buying that leads to a funnel system. This funnel system is to take potential customer to a landing page, an offer or to build a list.

SEO – Free Traffic

Researching the right keyword phrases that people are searching for online that relate to a clients niche is a huge step to the success of a customer. This may show how a company may need to update their business model based off this research. We need to make sure that the client’s business is relevant to today’s market. I can get people to a website but if it does not appeal to a potential customer, then this is a waste of time and money. Once the keyword phrases have been researched and defined, it’s time to create great content. We leverage Social Media, Social Bookmark and Web 2.0 sites with good back links to the site. This is how you dominate keyword phrases so when people search for certain keyword phrases, your website shows up higher in the search engines. Another huge piece to this skill set is making sure the website is optimized. This is creating Google and Bing Webmaster Tools accounts, uploading an XML sitemap, fixing any errors, making sure no duplicate pages or headlines are on the site, and that 404 redirects in place.

Social Media Strategist

Although this is something I have not mastered yet, I have the knowledge on how to leverage Social Media to benefit my clients. This is a huge tool that will effect that success of any business. This also helps your company dominate the keyword phrases that have been defined and researched. When a person searches for those keyword phrases, not only will your site show up high organically in the search engines for the website, the Social Media sites of the client (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube etc), Social Bookmark sites (Stumbleupon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious, etc) and Web 2.0 sites (Tumblr, Squidoo, Blogger etc) will show as well. There is also some great tools to lead people to offers or to your list using Social Media.

Software Development

I have been a web developer for years and recently started to put together some WordPress Plugins. I released Simple Simon Live Chat. I released this exclusively on Code Canyon.

Content Strategist

We do not realize how important writing is to a company. If you desire to dominate certain keyword phrases, you need to either write your own blogs and articles or hire someone to do it. These are not fluff pieces, it’s content that is engaging and relevant to your niche. A Content Strategist is someone who will define the standards for the company. They will define a style guide defining various phrases in all literature, across all websites and social media. They need to have a writing background – more like an editor. I have worked with newspapers and magazines over the years so am familiar with this position even though I personally am not the best writer but am planning on improving this skill. This person is involved with branding of the company and/or the product.

In case you are wondering if I plan on doing all these things for a customer, I’m not. I have spent the last year learning each position. I have done each position and I am beginning to train people in various positions as well as outsourcing so that I can focus on the things that I am good at. Because of doing each aspect, I know what each position requires and what skills are needed to do them. I have started a company called “The Leverage Company”. I am currently working with a large group of people training them on this whole system. I am putting people into positions that have skills and am planning on expounding out into new areas. I will post a link to that website once it is official.

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